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I’m a knight! Well, I’m learning to be a knight like my dad. I go on a mission every day with my dragons (yes, I have real dragons!)
Sparkie and Squirt. I ride my speedy horse Galahad all over the
kingdom on adventures! Sometimes I make a few mistakes along
the way but whenever that happens then it’s time to be a knight and
do it right, and I fix everything up. I love being a knight-in-training!


I’m a big fire breathing dragon but not the scary kind! I use my fiery breath for cooking, lighting things up and for knightly tricks when
Mike is training in the arena. Oh, I do love that Mike – he is so brave
and full of energy. He’s also strong but he does ask me to do a lot
of the heavy stuff. Oh, I never mind because I always have so much
fun with him.


I am one of Mike’s dragon friends. I’m the small one who can breathe water. Not every dragon can do that! Oh! And I can fly, which comes in handy on Mike’s missions but I don’t like to fly too far away from Mike and Sparkie. Glendragon is a big kingdom and there are all kinds of things outside the castle wall. Missions are fun but only because Mike the Knight is there all the way.


One day, I’m going to be a wizard. I practice my magic all the time and when you’re learning something, you don’t always get it right. That never bothers me but Mike doesn’t like it too much. I always want to go on his missions but Mike doesn’t like it when I use my magic. Oh well, we have lots of fun together and if I can’t go on a mission, I always have Mr Cuddles, my pet frog to play with.


Being a troll is a fun life – I live in a cave with my Ma and my Pa. We sing, cook, play tag in the caves and love to look for food in the Tall Tree Woods! But I have to say, being a knight looks like lots of fun too. Sometimes, I get to practice knightly things with Mike in the arena and I even get to go on a few missions. Mike is a good friend.




I created ‘Mike the Knight’ in February 2006 after realising that there wasn’t a pre-school show on TV that catered for pre-schooler’s fascination with all things castles, dragons, magic and medieval adventure.

After a little research, it didn’t take long to figure out why, as the usual play pattern for all things medieval is ‘murder-death-kill’…. Seriously, for the most part, medieval role-play (even amongst pre-schoolers) usually involves battling enemies, killing dragons and/or burning witches. We truly underestimate how even very young kids casually play games in which, to quote my 3 year old nephew, they are ‘killing someone to death’. Not really ideal material for this target demographic!

And whilst parents apparently don’t seem to mind little Bobby pretending to pour boiling oil over his little brother’s invading army, they would most likely take issue with a children’s program that promotes this kind of behaviour.

So therein stood the challenge: to create a show set in medieval times with all the cool trappings of that age, but with none of the slaying, pillaging and crusading that characterised it.

The first thing that popped into my head was the title. In an instant, ‘Mike the Knight’ was born and from there, his world unfolded before me quite naturally.

Fast forward a few years and it has become an almost daily joy to see Mike’s world grow and evolve with each new storyline, storyboard, script and design currently being crafted by the great people at HIT Entertainment and Nelvana Enterprises.

The enchanting and compelling design for Mike was the work of the very talented folks at Finger Industries – better known for their Lloyds Bank campaign.

I thank them all!

I’ll keep you posted as more materials are made public and as news trickles through in further press releases!

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