My time in ‘Elvis the Musical’ often doesn’t seem real to me anymore.  Time moves on at a pace and suddenly, there’s a thirteen year gap between my life today and my time on stage. 

I recently dug out these reviews and press clippings, which I don’t think I’ve read since they were originally written in 1996! They, maybe more than anything, suddenly made the whole experience very real again!

Here are pretty much all the ones I could find, warts and all.  Not all the critics were kind about the show.  Well, it was hardly Othello.  But as I read all the lines of copy that were written about me and my performance, I was relieved to find that the harshest comment I received was that I wore ‘too much eye shadow’.  On stage, that is . . .


Click HERE to see me singing live on Channel 5 whilst promoting the musical in 1997:

Alexander Bar