‘Bad Habits’ ran for almost ten years in a monthly publication called Reform Magazine – the magazine for the United Reformed Church.  To be fair, the magazine picked me more than anything else as I remember doing a mail shot at the time to as many religious publications that I could find details of.  You’d be surprised how many are out there!

It not only seems, but was a long time ago that this all happened, and yet, the gags and artwork still stack up today.  And that’s pretty satisfying.

I had previously published a strip called ‘Heavens Above’ in the same magazine and have since combined and evolved both strip concepts into the premise for an animated series for which a project bible is available on request.

People in television often tell me that ‘religion’ is too tough a subject to handle through comedy. Well, as my strips – and the series bible and script hopefully demonstrate – God is as natural a part of our everyday lives as are walking and talking.

And the funny thing is, we don’t even know it . . .

Alexander Bar