I was born in the south west of France, to French/Russian parents and have lived for most of my life in London (England). I have a French Baccalaureate from the French Lycée in London and a B.A. honours degree in English & French Law from the University of Kent in Canterbury. I know… great preparation for a career in the creative arts!

The starting point on my present journey began in 1993, when combining my love for writing and design, I created and produced four cartoon strips (‘Lunar Jim’, ‘Chlorophyll’, ‘Heavens Above’ & ‘Bad Habits’) that all enjoyed long runs in a national newspaper and various specialist magazines (The Telegraph, The New Internationalist and Reform Magazine).

After a few years of success with the cartoon strips and an amazing year starring in a West End musical (details for the curious are in another part of the website), I got my break in animation in 1998 when I joined London animation house Pepper’s Ghost Productions (‘Tiny Planets’) as a Creative Producer, heading up the company’s development team. After three thoroughly enjoyable years of learning about CGI, motion capture and establishing a network of contacts at international trade fairs, I went freelance again in 2001 to pursue my true calling which was to create my own animation projects.

My breakthrough came with ‘Lunar Jim’. Based on one of my earliest cartoon strips, the evolution of the concept instantly resonated with Canadian media giant, Alliance Atlantis. It was to be the start of a long and fruitful collaboration which spanned six years from 2002 to 2007, during which I worked as Creative Producer on 92 x 11” episodes. ‘Lunar Jim’ had its worldwide launch in January 2006 on CBC and CBeebies and still airs in over 100 territories - including the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Latin America, Australia and the US.

My next big ‘win’ came on my animated pre-school show, ‘Mike the Knight’ which has been aired globally since 2011 and for which an International Kids Emmy for ‘Best Preschool Show’ was awarded in February 2015. Three seasons of ‘Mike the Knight’ and two features were co-produced by the UK’s HiT Entertainment and Toronto-based Nelvana Studios.

More recently, ‘Ranger Rob’ - produced by Nelvana Studios in Toronto and Studio Liddell in the UK – and which launched on Canada’s Treehouse Channel on September 5th 2016, has just announced a second season in production. ‘Kody Kapow’, another of my latest preschool shows, which is currently in production with Sprout, NBCUniversal and Zodiak Kids Studio, launches in July 2017. This will be followed by the publication by Walker Books of my first picture book, “Toby and Tabitha”, in September 2017.

Whilst I have plenty more exciting projects both in production and development with a number of great international partners (encompassing pre-school, tween comedy, boys’ action, live action, publishing and online content), good taste, discretion and the very real threat of legal action, preclude me from saying any more about them just now.

My greatest achievements of course are my two beautiful kids, Christopher and Stephanie. My hobbies include ‘all things Elvis’ (except the diet) and bodybuilding (especially the diet). Maybe I should have said ‘the fight against global warming’ and ‘French Renaissance architecture’, but why make up clever stuff when you’ve got a life story that already reads like a daytime soap opera?

Stay tuned for more news soon!

Alexander Bar